Sunday, July 25, 2010


In order to get more used to the tablet and back to drawing in general after graduation '07. I kind of got lost after graduation and I've found myself back with illustrating. I really want to become better and it just takes a lot of work. I found a list online and tweaked it a bit. 30 days of drawings. I am just going to do mini exercises, like cute doodles for these to keep me drawing something everyday. I will start Aug. 1st! It's exciting ^_^

30 Days of drawings…

1. Self Portrait
2. Fairy Tale
3. Most Recent Dream
4. Favorite Game
5. Childhood Memory
6. Whats in Your Bag?
7. Hybrid Animal
8. Favorite TV Show
9. Drawn in the style of _____.
10. Super Hero
11. Super Villain
12. Something you did today
13. Someone you love
14. Portrait of a Pet
15. A Dinosaur
16. Draw Something with Your Eyes Closed
17. A Delicious Food
19. Sea Creature
20. Your Dream Job
21. A Guilty Pleasure
22. Favourite Cartoon Character
23. Actor/Actress
24. A Hobby
25. Best Friend
26. Favorite Place
27. Something with Sentimental Value
28. Your Zodiac Sign
29. Out your window
30. Favourite Outfit.

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