Sunday, June 28, 2009

WoolFest 2009 at Lake Metro Farmpark

Yesterday Scott and I went to Woolfest, which I found out about through the knit/crochet group I went to. We were going to check out the farmpark anyway but decided to go for the fiber festival too. It was fun and different! We got to pet all the animals and it was really neat seeing the ladies spin the fiber into yarn. It makes me want to take a spinning class. They also sell giant bags of wool for about $1/lb which is super great if you clean and dye it yourself for felting/spinning.
WoolFest 2009

There were colored sheep there for a fiber contest where you have so little time to make a garment fresh from the sheep's wool, so they skip a step by dying the wool while on the sheep!
WoolFest 2009

These were the cutest little alpacas, all wearing bandannas around their neck ^_^

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